About Us

About Sure Logix LLC – Ship Smarter & Faster with our Online Shipping Software

Sure Logix LLC’s headquarters is in New Orleans, LA and we’ve built a strong and time-tested reputation through years of delivery, strategic thinking, and customer service for local businesses that trust us year in and year out with their shipping and distribution needs.

Our dependable fleet and skilled logistics team have spent years proudly assisting local businesses: planning routes, loading trucks, and delivering products quickly and safely.

With our shipping service, our goods will be delivered from the location throughout the gulf coast with the care and precision you need to rest easy knowing our team has you covered.

The extensive experience of our drivers, logistics managers, warehouse distribution staff, and freight teams sets us apart from other fly-by-night brands.

We’ve combatted everything from weather to traffic, and kept consistent deliveries for clients no matter what. Big or small, simple or complex, we’re the team you need.

Truck on the asphalt road - Sure Logix LLC

Our team: Reliable, Friendly, Safe

We know shipping and distribution can be stressful. Some customers and suppliers require last-minute transportation of goods; storms, construction, and changing regulations can interfere with on-time delivery. Our team diligently works to deliver your shipment regardless of day-to-day challenges.

Service Oriented Professionals That Care

In the midst of these day-to-day challenges, some companies might become stressed, unfriendly, or hostile. Coordinating many clients’ shipments in the midst of a storm could detract from some teams’ customer service quality. At Sure Logix LLC, we train our team to provide friendly, personal customer service – even in high-pressure situations. You’ll receive the attention you need and the solutions you require every time you call.

Safety Standards and Regulation Training

In addition, our team consistently undergoes safety and regulation training. You won’t need to worry about delays due to driver penalties or tickets (or accidents causing damaged shipments). The meticulous drivers at Sure Logix LLC prioritize safety and legality to protect your freight.

Reliable, Consistent, Trustworthy, and On-Time Distribution and Delivery!

Contact our friendly team for your shipping needs. If you’re new to shipping and distribution, we’ll assign a logistics manager to evaluate your distribution priorities, plan routes, and discuss best strategies (for example FTL, LTL, or air freight).

If you’ve already established a system, our team will gladly talk with you about your distribution needs going forward. From reliable drivers to new channels and beyond, Sure Logix LLC is the distribution company that can provide dependable freight for your business for years to come.