Reliable Gulf Coast Shipping, Delivery, and Distribution Services

When you need speed & reliability you can count on, you can count on us to get the job done right!

Your business depends on reliable shipping. Your customers demand receipt of goods on time and undamaged; without reliable shipping, you’re likely to lose valuable business and damage your hard earned reputation.

Your business’s trust and authority in New Orleans and the areas we serve is built, in part, on your warehouse distribution and shipping delivery service’s effectiveness.Two Shipping Trucks - Sure Logix

We know distribution is crucial for your success. That’s why our shipping and distribution service prioritizes timely, safe shipping methods.

At Sure Logix LLC, drivers are trained in the latest safety regulations, procedures, and ways to optimize their routing for fast and efficient delivery. Our logistics team utilizes advanced mapping technology to create consistent, efficient routes for transportation. We’ve built a reputation for following through on our promised distribution; if you’re searching for a shipping service, contact our team today.

Keep reading to learn more about our company, our methods, and why we stand out as one of the city’s leading distribution companies. Alternatively, give us a call to talk with a friendly customer service representative about what we can do for you.

A few qualities that set our shipping and distribution apart:

  • Efficiency Whether you’re building a distribution delivery service from the ground up or you’d like us to take over an existing system, our logistics service provider will evaluate the best routes and procedures to provide efficient delivery.
  • Variety With our logistics, shipping, and distribution, you have access to a wide range of services to meet the needs of your growing company. Interested in full-load trucking (a dedicated truck for your goods alone) or warehouse distribution? Just let us know.
  • Professionalism Our team will make a professional impression on your customers. We hire friendly, respectful, meticulous drivers who will represent your company with pride.
  • Growth If your company is in a season of expansion, you don’t want to trust your growth to just any company; your transportation needs may fluctuate and evolve unexpectedly. At our shipping service, logistics managers will work alongside you to create flexible distribution systems to support both anticipated growth and unexpected changes.
  • Thoroughness Our skilled team thoroughly evaluates your shipping system for consistency on a regular basis. We carefully check every detail to guarantee a timely delivery – rain or shine.
  • Customer Service When you need help, our experienced, friendly customer service team will quickly connect you with answers. Our distribution team is trained to prioritize your time – and provide quick, effective solutions to your transportation needs.
  • Local Don’t trust your shipping to a distribution delivery service that is unfamiliar with our area. Our managers are familiar with particular shipping quirks, traffic difficulties, and weather complications unique to Louisiana. This familiarity allows us to create highly effective distribution plans for our customers.
  • Experience We staff experienced drivers, mechanics, and dispatchers. Do you want an amateur handling your freight? We didn’t think so. Our shipping service hires skilled, experienced team members to handle your goods.

Valued Services Provided by Sure Logix LLC

As your business evolves, its transportation needs will change. You need to work with a distribution delivery service that can support the dynamic distribution strategy you need.

With our shipping and distribution service, you’ll have access to our various shipping solutions. When your customer base grows, our shipping procedures and strategies can grow with it.

Below are a handful of the services we offer in New Orleans, Louisiana:

  • Trade Show Transportation: Is your business attending a trade show? Transport your goods and display them safely with our fleet. We’ll ensure your trade show display arrives damage-free and on time – so you can focus on setting up and recruiting new customers.
  • Liftgate Service: Though loading docks are necessary for unloading freight, all warehouses and destinations are equipped with docks. With our logistics and shipping service, drivers bring and operate a liftgate device to unload freight at these destinations.
  • Distribution:: Don’t create a distribution strategy on your own. Our professional team will work alongside you to evaluate top distribution needs, best channels, and necessary procedures for successful long-term distribution.
  • Less Than Truckload Shipping (LTL): If your transportation budget is tight, we can combine your shipment with other business’ shipments. We’ll split the cost of shipment between you and the other businesses; as a result, your distribution costs will decrease. Your shipment will still be delivered on-time through our distribution channels.
  • Full Truckload Shipping (FTL): Some businesses prefer to dedicate an entire truck to their shipment. This can shorten shipping time, appear more professional to customers, and protect certain fragile deliveries. We’re proud to offer full truckload shipping to our clients.
  • Hotshot Delivery: Do your customers need their freight immediately? Are you picking up crucial raw materials for your factory – do you need a shipment expedited? Our fleet provides hotshot delivery for situations that require especially quick transportation. Just call us to find out more.
  • Residential Shipping: Maybe you don’t ship goods to businesses; maybe you ship products to your customers’ front door. We can deliver your products to residential addresses. You’ll provide the convenience of home delivery, with a dependable distribution delivery service working for you.
  • Warehouse Distribution: Renting a warehouse and running a facility is expensive and complex. Facility managers must purchase insurance, hire and manage employees, maintain their building, train teams on safety procedures, and more. If you need a warehouse, our team offers worry-free warehousing solutions. We’ll store your goods until they’re ready for shipment.